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People's Choice Voting,
Placer County Pageants 2024

One winner each DIVISION. $1.00 per vote, enter a dollar amount and each dollar counts as ONE vote.

You may enter any amount in your donation. Proceeds split between the 501c3 Scholarship Fund and the contestant in each division with the most votes.

On-line voting CLOSES Wednesday, June 19,  at NOON Pacific Standard Time,

and  will be combined with in-person voting on pageant evening.

Use any QR Code to pay (open your mobile device's camera and focus on code). YOU MUST INCLUDE A "NOTE TO SELLER" identifying for whom you are voting!

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USE THIS LINK to pay via Square


USE THIS LINK to pay via PayPal


VENMO  @UpPageantry

Top Votes  as of 6/17/24 
Voting ends 12 pm 6/19/24

Jr. Miss
1. Rylee
2. Whitnee
Jr. Teen
1. Paisley
2. Brooklyn 
1. Hope
2. Hayley
1. Melia L
2. Michelle B.
1. Jasmine
1. Lacy C.
2. Myra L.

Jr. Miss Placer County Contestants

a P1108208.JPG

Whitnee S. 

a P1108165.JPG

Fiona B.


Della Rose B.

a P1108176.JPG

Meera R.

a P1108179.JPG

Gracie H.

a P1108205.JPG

Rylee S.

a P1108194.JPG

Tasmine A. 

Jr. Teen Placer County Contestants

a P1108223.JPG

Paisley W. 

a P1108255.JPG

Brooklyn J.

a P1108229.JPG

Lilly G.

Miss Teen Placer County  Contestants


Hope D.


Lia P.

a P1108270.JPG

Hayley O.


Natalie M.

Miss Placer County Contestants


Rachael M.

a P1108499.JPG

Morgan L. 

Sarah S. 

A P1108544.JPG

Brianna G.

a P1108489.JPG

Brittany T.

A P1108508.JPG

Isabella S.

a P1108473.JPG

Madison R.

A P1108528.JPG

Michelle B.

a P1108453.JPG

Hannah A.

a P1108424.JPG

Rachel D.

a P1108431.JPG

Melia L.

a P1108401.JPG

Allison C.

Ms. Contestants


Sofia G.

a P1108358.JPG

Erika V.

a P1108274.JPG

Hannah Jean O.

a P1108340.JPG

Tara A.

a P1108384.JPG

Jasmine D.

Classic Contestants

a P1108370.JPG

Kathleen G.

a P1108302.JPG

Myra L.

a P1108319.JPG

Lacy C.

a P1108282.JPG

Amanda O.

a P1108308.JPG

Tamica M.

a P1108351.JPG

Prerna M.

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