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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the winner get to compete in a statewide pageant?

That is one of the most exciting opportunities for our pageant! Most young women enter pageants with the desire to continue on to a higher level of competition.   Up supports that option if eligible Queens in qualifying age divisions wish to compete further.  We will work with queens to choose the best option.  Unfortunately, for the time being, due to the inconsistency surrounding options for the Mrs./Ms. age divisions, this category does not include state pageant entry fee for our Ms. or Classic Queens, which is in part why the entry fee for this category is reduced.

Do I need experience?

Absolutely not! Our experienced and talented staff will spend weeks coaching you and preparing you to be your best self.  We have had many contestants win this as their first pageant!

What are the categories of competition?

All contestants will compete in Interview and Evening Gown. Miss contestants compete in one-piece Swimwear,  Teens  and our Mrs./Ms. compete in Athletic Wear, and Juniors in a "Fun Fashion" or theme category.   Some age divisions will also have an impromptu or onstage question.  All categories for each age division, are equally weighted.


Do you give points for attendance?

We do not score attendance directly.  However, a record of due dates is kept for each contestant, and is provided to the judges prior to Interview. The judges may choose to inquire or not.  Often, when a contestant has missed rehearsals, it is due to work or vacation etc., and this need not be a concern. In fact, it is often a great jumping off point for a contestant to lead the judges into another interesting aspect of her personality!

Do I need experience, or do you provide coaching?

You do NOT need any experience.  This is a GREAT first pageant.  We have had MANY young women crowned over the years who have no pageant experience.  We will provide you with coaching from a phenomenal group of people who have extensive pageant experience and success at the highest levels.

Do I have to live in Placer County?

No.  There is no residency requirement for the pageant. However, you must live in close enough proximity so that travel and transportation to events is not adversely affected.


Is talent required?



What if I attend college out of town?

Contact us!  College attendance elsewhere is not necessarily a prohibition to your entry.  We take many factors into consideration, and will be happy to discuss your personal situation.


Do I have to have a “platform” or perform volunteer work?

You do not.  While we encourage this, and will provide opportunities for the winner and court, it is not required.


Why don’t you have age groups for younger girls?

Many other local pageants have age categories for younger children.  This is usually because there are a larger number of contestants in younger age groups, resulting in more money brought into the business.  We asked, “what is the value for these younger contestants?” especially when we will have many appearance opportunities for our queens and courts.  It is our belief that until a young lady is of an age where she can appreciate and absorb the learning experiences, and participate in volunteerism in a meaningful way, it is better for younger girls to enter into pageants which have no ongoing expectations for participation during the year.  We have instead chosen to focus on making a positive, lasting difference in the lives of contestants ages 8 and over.  We will accept 7 year olds, under some circumstances.  Just ask!


Who pays my entry fee?
You may pay your own entry fee, or seek sponsors to assist you.  We can help you find sponsors~ just ask.

What are my payment options?
Each delegate is required to pay a $25.00 deposit with the completed Application. The balance of the entry fee is due by before June 1. Payment can be made by check, money order, paypal, or cash (receipt provided).


What if I am engaged?


Engaged young women may still compete.  However, if they are awarded a title and then marry during the expected time of their reign, they must give up and/or return all prizes and titles in accordance with pageant rules.  You may enter the pageant if you are engaged, but we recommend you do so only if you are sure that you will not be getting married within the following year, in the event that you are selected as the winner.

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