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Pageant dates are Thursday June 22 or Friday June 22 
depending upon division


2023 royalty Event narrow.jpg

Congratulations to our 2022 Royalty and Award Winners!

Sophie Bartolucci, Miss Placer County

Rachel DuPriest, Miss Greater Placer County

Ava Bernet, 1st Runner Up, Miss Placer County

Nicole Drikas, Miss Teen Placer County

Allyson Gerlach, Miss Teen Greater Placer County

Rachael Meteer 1st Runner Up, Teen Placer County

Halle Mae Coalson, 2nd Runner Up, Teen Placer County

Lilly Gelly, Junior Miss Placer County

Gia Libis, Junior Miss Greater Placer County

Malin Erickson, Junior Teen Placer County

Adriana Casillas, Junior Teen Greater Placer County

Brooke Holcomb, Junior Teen 1st Runner Up

Jessica Fischer, Ms. Placer County

Roshel Aghassi, Ms. Greater Placer County

Erika Vaca, Ms. Placer County 1st Runner Up

Jessica Blankenship, Classic Placer County

Kathleen Gerlach, Classic Greater Placer County

Zinnia Sekhon, Classic Placer County 1st Runner Up

D750Groups (374).jpg

Most Photogenic:

Junior Miss -Gia Libis

Junior Teen – Adriana Casillas

Teen – Sydney Wilkins

Miss- Allison Cooper

Ms. - Renee Weigel

Classic – Jessica Blankenship

Spirit Award:

Junior Miss – Lilly Gelly

Junior Teen – Brooke Holcomb

Teen – Halle Mae Coalson

Miss- Emily Sims

Ms. -Jessica Fischer

Classic – Torreyana Tripette

People’s Choice:

Junior Miss – Lilly Gelly

Junior Teen - Brooke Holcomb

Teen -Allyson Gerlach

Miss- Emily Sims

Ms. -Roshel Aghassi

Classic – Zinnia Sekhon

Zia Grewal – Best Essay (junior division)

Mary Hill -Best Essay (senior division)

Adriana Casillas and Izzy Essex (tie) - Community Service (Junior division)

Jasmine Dewitt - Community Service (senior division)

Rookies of the year: Mariah Snyder, Rachael Meteer, Zinnia Sekhon

Miss Congeniality:

Junior Miss – Maddie May Nyholm

Junior Teen – Brooke Holcomb, Emily Keltgen (tie)

Teen-Nicole Drikas

Miss – Sophie Bartolucci

Ms. – Mary Hill

Classic – Torreyana Tripette

Best Interview:

Junior Miss – Lily Gelly

Junior Teen – Malin Erickson

Teen – Nicole Drikas

Miss – Sophie Bartolucci

Ms. – Jessica Fischer

Classic – Jessica Blankenship

~Global Beauty Awards 2018-2022~
We are extremely proud of those in our Up Pageantry family who have been recognized for their achievements by the worldwide pageant industry

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