GREAT NEWS!!  The Placer County Fair is being planned as scheduled June 25-28! 

SOOO....The Miss Placer County pageant WILL be held  as scheduled, on June 25!  We have made some adjustments to our schedule and practices to ensure this happens. 

Orientation has been rescheduled from April 28 to May 12. We have plans in place for remote document turn in, wardrobe approval and more.  We have the ability, through our private Facebook group, to hold rehearsal and coaching sessions online, offer advice, answer questions, share walking patterns, and more! We can send videos also of the opening number (which may be made very simple, or eliminated altogether if necessary). Basically we are prepared to modify and adapt as necessary to balance competing interests. 

We are now FULL SPEED AHEAD WITH SIGN UPS!   Thank you all for your patience and flexibility during this season.  The show WILL GO ON! In order for our contestants to be up to date on everything, registration prior to April 31 is crucial, so register now to be added to our group, and you won’t miss anything!

The Placer County Scholarship Pageants take place annually in

June, at the Placer County Fair.

Upcoming Dates and EVENTS:

Orientation-Tuesday,   May 12

PAGEANT DATE :  Thursday,  June 25

"The Sky is the Limit"

Jr. Miss 8-10  *  Jr. Teen 11-13  *  Teen 14-17  *  Miss 18-25  *  Mrs./Ms.

We are considering a new category for more mature ladies.  If you are interested, please contact us!

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