How Up Pageantry Began....

Welcome to the website of UP!   My name is Tami Uhler, and after 30 years in the industry,  I created Up Pageantry in 2015 with the vision of promoting the personal and professional growth of young women through pageantry.  Pageant competition helped shape me as a person.  It also prepared me for a career as a prosecutor.  I am a firm believer in the value that pageant competition can offer, under the right conditions, such as integrity, respect, honesty, fairness, fun, and hard work.  I created Up to provide the best local pageant experience possible.  I have chosen what I believe to be the best experiences and opportunities, pieces from all of my years of involvement in many different pageants, and put them together in one pageant, in order to provide a meaningful, exciting, and educational experience for every young woman involved. 

This business was established for the purpose of developing young women with a passion for excellence, a drive for success, and a desire for personal development. My hope is that we reach young ladies who possess the desire to have fun, learn about themselves, make new friends, gain poise and self-confidence, connect with their community, expand their knowledge, and increase their marketability in the workforce of the adult world.  UP seeks to shape leaders.  Some of the lessons learned and skills acquired through the pageant experience can last a lifetime. UP strives to create that opportunity for all contestants and their families, who trust us with their time, talent, and treasure. 

Why should you choose to participate in a pageant produced by UP Pageantry? We believe there are several reasons:


Different pageants offer some of these benefits, but ONLY Up PAGEANTRY combines ALL of the best possible experiences of pageantry to the benefit of our contestants. 



  • The Miss Placer County Pageant was established in 1937, and has been part of the fair for over 80 years!  We are extremely proud to be the producer.

  • We focus on ONE pageant a year, not dividing our time, sponsor support, or competitors. And we focus on our royalty ALL year.

  • The staff has over 100 years of combined experience in all areas of pageantry (title-holders, emcees, coaches, assistant directors, set-building & designing, choreographers, queen parent(s), hostesses, and judges).

  • We focus on developing leaders and enhancing marketable skills like public speaking and interviewing.

  • We have EXCELLENT SPONSOR and community support.

  • We are professional, communicative, and organized.

  • Our contestants, their families, our volunteers, our sponsors, and the community LOVE to work with Up and our Royalty ~ see what they are saying on our website at “Testimonials”



  • We set our line-up with a public, random drawing by the contestants.

  • Contestants see blank score sheets before the pageant, so they KNOW what the judges are scoring.

  • We don’t handle the scores before the envelope is passed to the stage.

  • UP will provide scores to the contestants, along with the high score in each category, while maintaining confidentiality of other contestants. 

  • We will meet with contestants to discuss strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Contestants can obtain the judges written comments about a contestant’s Personal Interview performance.

  • Subjective areas or awards do not impact the scores for the royal court.

  • We do NOT score or detract for attendance (i.e. “reliability” points).

  • We don’t tolerate drama.

  • There is no requirement for contestants to be involved in ancillary events (dinners, fair exhibits, fundraisers etc…).



  • Our Queens have the option to compete at a statewide pageant and possibly a national level pageant.

  • We continually emphasize leadership, sound judgment, and courage, in a fun, engaging way.

  • The Essay competition is optional.

  • Since Up Pageantry has been producing the Miss Placer County Pageant in 2015, we have awarded over $6,000 annually in prizes, gifts, and scholarships. Our prize package is unmatched for a local pageant and has included state pageant entry fees, personal trainer sessions, fitness & meal planning, gym memberships, modeling contracts, beauty products, paeant consultation and coaching from multiple trainers, casting agency support, use of a convertible for parades, rhinestone-trimmed sashes, stunning contoured crowns, and valuable scholarships. 

  • We offer a Resume Workshop with a Human Resources professional.

  • Contestants are coached in public speaking by a former Deputy District Attorney with extensive jury trial experience.

  • Contestants have access to a private FB page where we post opportunities like modeling, workshops, and castings.

  • We work throughout the year with all contestants who choose to compete at a state level.

  • We are invited to over 40 events a year, and have supported military veterans, chambers of commerce, the business community, anti-human-trafficking initiatives, not-for-profits, the Honor Group, Gold Star Families, first responders, Toys for Tots, KidsFirst, Stand Up Placer, Tommy Apostolos, Keaton Raphael Fund, Walk in her Shoes, Relay for Life, William Jessup University, the Placer County Fair, the Gold County Fair, the Roseville Schools Association, the Placer County Fair Association, the Placer County Speedway, Santa letter writing events, other pageants and contestants, and local schools, with all types of events and parades and ribbon cuttings.

  • Our high-quality crowns ROCK!

  • We provide advice with hair/makeup, poise, wardrobe, and more. We even have relationships with local dress vendors who carry hundreds of gowns and work with us regularly.

  • Several discounts are available.




Why Choose Up