Mission, Vision, Values, Commitment

& Expectations

Why is this information important? Because we believe that good communication and transparancy are the keys to building the trust necessary to produce a quality, ethical, and fun pageant


That through pageantry, young women experience a camaraderie built on the common interests of enhancing interpersonal skills, increasing confidence, heightening societal awareness, and aspiring to excellence, while inspiring others through their example.


To provide positive experiences and personal growth for young women through the opportunities that pageantry can provide, and to educate, enrich, and motivate young women to attain their goals.


UP Pageantry values fairness, integrity, professionalism, kindness, scholarship, fun, generosity, societal awareness, hard work, personal accountability, personal growth, and humor.  These values guide us in all that we do.

​Commitment to Contestants

  • No parent, relative, or close family friend of any contestant or contestant’s family will be permitted to participate in the pageant as a judge, tabulator of scores, or in any other significant way which could reasonably cast doubt on the final outcome.

  • Contestants will be treated consistently, equally, and receive all of the same information.

  • Contestants will be provided their scores, along with the high and low scores of each category (with no other contestant’s names) if requested prior to the pageant.

  • Staff will maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all times. Issues of concern will be handled promptly, with fairness, professionalism, and discretion.

  • Scoring will be transparent. No points are awarded for participation in ancillary events which are not necessary to the pageant.

Expectations of Contestants

  • Attend all practices, be ready to begin on time, and be prepared.

  • Be attentive, participate, and listen.

  • Bring your pageant notebook to all practices.

  • Bring any items of clothing as directed.

  • Turn in paper work and fees on time.

  • Be positive and supportive of each other.

  • Listen to the advice and coaching of staff and guest speakers.

  • Represent yourself and the pageant and Fair with dignity, grace, and maturity.

  • Follow the Rules and Expectations.